Leopard at Last

Thursday, 31 January 2008

So, my old powerbook was really showing its age. Aside from having a dent where the power cord (I swear!) sent it flying to the linoleum floor, and this strange lesion in the aluminum of the left palm rest, its 1GHz G4 starts to chug any time I open up ol' Safari to more than one site inundated with flash at a time. Spotlight only opened up after a good 15-20 seconds of the spinning beach ball. It got kinda bad. Not only this but I tend to have about 15 window open at a given time. Actually, that wasn't so bad after I upped the RAM and things didn't go swapping immediately. The killer was having to go commandeer somebody's poor Windows XP computer any time I needed to test something in Internet Explorer. Needless to say, Virtual PC was dog slow. I tried installing XP on it and after something on the order of 5 hours I gave up.

Well, we moved back to the States, and after everything else we needed to get settled, there was enough left over for a new computer. So, I picked up a MacBook. Let's just say it's a bit faster. And, VMware is great. I finally can do everything on just one machine!

It's also the first time I've played with 10.5, which so far is cool. Spaces is much nicer than any of the unofficial desktop switchers there were prior, though its app-specific style is a little annoying. It also has made command tab less useful. if you cmd-tab between two apps with multiple windows open on different spaces, it's a crap shoot which window for the target app you're going to get. The other problem is watching myself migrate from space to space throughout the day as windows collect and disperse at the whim of whatever random subconscious process I have going on of the day.

Whatever else is true, it's pretty cool. And the new finder is awesome. (Maybe my bar was just set too low...)

And that's it, I guess. Hopefully my posts will be more coherent in the future...